Deliberation of running food truck

Before you create your own food truck Just look at the drawing, think about what you can offer and if customers need another burger food truck; Consider whether to use the franchise, whether you create […]

20 most popular food trucks

20. Little Red Wagon Corn Dogs — Disneyland: Anaheim, Calif. Rating: 8.4 / 10 What you should get: The correct answer is hot dog… just kidding, it’s obviously the corn dog.   19. Nuchas Artisan […]

Food truck – food revolution

Fad or a permanent business concept? It seems that the mobile bars become a permanent part on catering scene. And in the season give owners earn good. Most important is the calendar of summer events, […]

Purple and equiped food truck

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Year: 1999 Make: gmc Model: workhorse Length: 18.5 Height: 9 Equipment and Features: Cooking Flat-top Grill Salad Bar Prep Space Griddle Storage Refrigeration Sanitation 3 Compartment Sink Hand Wash Sink Paper towel dispenser Extras Radio […]